Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yesterday's scribe! (Oct. 9th)

Tuesday's class was quite informative. But, more or less a review of Friday's lesson. (Read Robert's scribe post). We started off the class with a bit of troubleshooting with the smart board, and then followed by the a review. Mr. K helped us understand the concept of f' and f''. By doing so, he walked back and forth in the room, accelerating and with constant velocity. We were then given a group worksheet, given f', how is Willy moving during the race. Before we could finish that, a fire drill started. And it was very cold out there. The homework for Tuesday was... the Willy and the Race worksheet, and 2.7, all odd (I think. Need to edit this later.) Next scribe?!. Me. Again. Doesn't even count as picking myself. It's just me doing it a 2nd time. See you on my next post... yeah.

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