Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calculus BOB saluclaC

Well, BOBin' for the first time in Calculus... haha we got away with one last week.

Hmmm... well for anyone who thought Calculus should have been a little harder while doing the first unit, HERE YOU GO! Holy, honnestly, I did not expect it to be this big of a jump from the most familiar things to a brand new concept of Derivatives and Limits. WOW!!! Anyway, now I think I'm finally starting to get going with this stuff in the sense that I know EXACTLY WHAT I'M DOING!!! At the beginning of the unit, with two different teachers teaching, I found it a little difficult to stay on track. However, lately I've started to understand it a little more. One thing that I know I will probably have a little difficulty with is the limits portion... I never really knew exactly what was happening with them. Oh well, I'll see how they are in the review tonight. Other than that I think I should be set, although I'm sure I'll make a couple mistakes... nobody's perfect (cough*Chris*cough) LOL!!! just kidding....

Oh! Almost forgot! REMEMBER:

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