Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hello. I'm Sandy and I'll be your scribe for this weekend. Friday's class started off like every other class we have... Graeme putting the Word of the Day on the board. Friday's word was...

Bacchanalia: "Generally just a wine festival but really is a wine festival in honor of Dionysus. (Greek god of horses and drunkenness) (Poseidon is lord of horses)."
If you don't have a account yet, you should make one!
Your username should not include your last name. If you're having trouble you can add the class blog and your first name.
Example: Sandyapcal07
Assignment: Find one link for each unit that we've studied and add it to It can be anything, but at least put some effort into it and don't just pick the first website you see. So far you have two links to add, Pre Calculus and Derivatives.

This is a program on the Internet that you can use to actually record whatever happens on your desktop as well as your voice. The files are pretty big, though.
Also, if you've already downloaded the Smart Board software, you can use that to do the same thing. Again the files are pretty large.
You go to Smart Board Software and then you click on Smart Recorder.

question 1:

Everything in this question is pretty straight forward. Thanks to Graeme, its even colour coordinated. (:
Question 2:

The same applies for this question.
Question 3:

This is also pretty straight forward. You can put this into your calculator too.
Simply type in the equation into "Y=", then press "2nd" + "Calc". Press up so that you're at the bottom option and press enter. You'll be on the graph screen. Press "-1", "enter", "5", "enter". And you'll see the results. As a result, the answer is 12. Which Van has stated above. (:

That's all folks!

Next Scribe ...
Timmy!! .. (=

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