Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BOO!!! It's my Halloween BOB

Hmmm... where to start, where to start...

Well, this unit has been fairly interesting because of its relation with the previous unit. Now I can begin to see how everything in Calculus ties together. I have enjoyed this unit quite a bit because it has a decent amount of material that relates to Physics...

As well, it is fairly straight forward with the math, not a lot of outside the box thinking...

A key thing to remember is:
- There is more than one way to find the integral of a function
1. Using the formula: lim(n-->∞) [ f(x1)•∂x1 + f(x2)•∂x2 + ... f(xn)•∂xn ]
2. The Riesum Program in our Calculators:
LEFT: (left side of the interval)
RIGHT:(right side of the interval)
X CHOICE: (0=Left Estimate)
(0.5=Midpoint Estimate)
1=Right Estimate)
N: (number of sub intervals)
3. "fnInt" function in our calculators: fnInt(Y1, X, min, max)
4. the function "∫ ƒ(x)∂x" in the 2nd Trace (Calc.) Menu
5. Calculate it Manually: LEFT ESTIMATE: Sum of all "ƒ(x)"s, minus the last "ƒ(x)" then multiplied by ∂x.
Sum of all "ƒ(x)"s, minus the first "ƒ(x)" then multiplied by ∂x.
TRAPEZOID SUM 1: Sum of the first
"ƒ(x)", the last "ƒ(x)", and (2 • all the "ƒ(x)"s in between) Then multiplied by ∂x. Finally divide by 2.

Well, that's pretty much all for my BOB, good luck tomorrow... and:

KEEP PUSHING, and maybe, just maybe, that rock will stay at the top...

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