Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday's Post

The Word of the day brought to you by Graeme is Effervescence - a fizzy quality especially in wine

Today's class started off with a laugh. A kid had to find x in a question on a test,using his brain power and he circled x saying here it is.

After that it was back to business with the question: If a particle is moving in a straight line. Its position is given by s(t)= t squared- 3t +1. we had to find the change in position from t1 to t4.
simply plug in the values of t at both times (1,4) then subtract t1 from t4 to get your answer of 6.

We were then given a positive monotonic graph of a vehicle's speed per second. The time intervals are 2
* note-- the quick way of find lower and higher estimates are if

lower- add up all the speeds except last and multiply it by 2 ( 2 because time intervals are 2)

upper- add up all the speeds except first then multiply it by 2

max error is upper estimate subtract lower

The fundamental theorem ( might be bad quality)

I finally found a way to put on a picture :) self pat on shoulder, I'm not much of a computer guy unless its playing games so its a accomplishment on my part

these are kinda fuzzy but it's asking whats the change in.

I believe is is important to know.

The last of the class was spent doing questions on smart board and practising different methods to get the answer.

this is all, I think I got it all covered and Il try to improve my scribes in the future. The next scribe is Graeme---just because he cant beat me in magic :) if he can't do it then I will choose someone else, peace

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