Thursday, October 18, 2007

BOB and the chocolate factory

My first bob for this class and for the year. I think that the overall course hasn't presented a lot of trouble, though I feel like a broken BOB record after saying that too frequently. I have encountered much of this unit prior to the course, so quite a bit of it is a review for me, though there were some questions that required some serious concentration.

These questions put my brain to work, but the more practice I embarked upon regarding these types of questions they inevitably sparked a further comprehension of the overall unit and of all of the unit's constituent areas. I cannot stress the significance of the excercises enough. Well, as for Mr. K, I'm sure he will optimize these questions and utilize them to the maximum extent possible to challenge us on tomorrow's test. But the test itself should not be too difficult, just don't forget to convert your calculator mode from DEGREES to RADIANS, just in case some trig questions present themselves similar to counteract the consequences of today's fiasco (sorry to hear your calc cost you that mark Graeme).

I'll probably just end this bob with a couple quick notes for the class:
When f has a max or a min at x=a, f' will have a root at x=a.
When f has an point of inflection (change in concavity) at x=a, then f'' will have a root at x=a.
When f is increasing, f' is positive. When f is decreasing, f' is negative.
When f is concave up, f'' is positive. When f is concave down, f'' is negative.
When f' has a max or a min at x=a, f'' will have a root at x=a.

Well that concludes my BOB post for today, I tried to keep it as short as possible, I'd just like to wish everyone luck on tomorrow's test and I want to remind everyone to study!

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