Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday Scribe

Okay, it's me doing the scribe, again. Woohoo. I should do it for the 3rd time. Just to set some odd record. But, then again, it wouldn't be much of an entire class contributing, and more just like 1 person doing more. Anyways.

And btw, I did start BoB (blogging on blogging). I was the first to call it that, on my very first BoB. So there. You can even go WAY back and check it. (if you're really that bored)

So, Wednesday class. We began with just refreshing information about yesterday's work, with the f' and f''. Next up was looking at the worksheet that was given to us yesterday. Given f' how is Willy moving and does Roo beat Willy. Roo beats Willy, because Roo travels constantly, backwards. But, Willy does too, except he goes forward for a while. Then backwards. Rather odd assignment, but it generated a few good laughs and what not.

We then started looking at limits and concepts. The Sum, Difference, Product, and Quotient between 2 different Limits. The rules are simple. You can get some examples from the site Mr. K is going to put in the side bar. Simply Calculus I think it was called?

And for homework, we have section 2.8 all odd, and 24, and 30.

Horray. My job is finished... I guess. Sorry for the shortness and cheapness that it may appear in. But, for the most part, if I ever needed pictures, it's all in Mr. K's slides. Except for the ones that Mrs. (forgot her name) drew on the board. Which I need to add into my Tuesday scribe. Soon...

Thursday scribe. Whoever doesn't mind. I'll pick in class. Seeing the reaction should be worth it. Cya all in... about 6 hours. It's 8am when I made this scribe and yesterday's. Haha.

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