Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday Scribe

Alright, I'm not supposed to be the scribe today, or maybe I was, but I wasn't sure. So, I'm doing it anyways, and doing it now, because I couldn't access my computer last night for a long duration of time. Anyways, I'll start with:

Graeme's Selected Word Of the Day: Foment

Stir up or worsen trouble.

Don't forget to double click the word Foment, if you want a more in depth definition. (That awesome tool at the side there)

The start of class begins with an online site that teaches calculus. In the middle of the lesson, we learn a new word.

Monotonic: The graph is strictly increasing or decreasing
(don't forget that awesome double click)

And slightly after that new word, Mr. K tells us about Riemann. And his life story. It's got love, death, but, a rather sad ending. When one day Mr. K tells us the story he REALLY thinks is it, then I'll post it up. But, during the time of story time, he thought he was mixing up his stories.

[Insert Riemann's story here]

But, really, when the smart board is there, it's a lot harder to do a scribe than when I used to do them. Because, all the pictures I'd draw are already on the slide show.

So, the online lesson continues... until the school network goes slow. Mr. K gets a little ticked off, and we start doing questions.

We take left hand sums and right hand sums, using n as the number of rectangles we break the curving graph into.

Left hand sums would be taking one of the extreme estimates.
Right hand sums would be taking the other extreme estimate.

(I think) Depending on the graph, if it's Monotonic Increasing or Decreasing, taking left and right hand sums, wouldn't be the same on both graphs, because you're measuring for different extreme estimates. (I don't even know if that made sense)

And our class ended there.

And a side note. If you're ever one of those people that type "lol" all the time, it's to indicate that it's comical, and probably also saying "okay, your turn to say something".

Homework for... uhh... tonight...yes. Tonight(last night) is: Exercise 3.2 All the odds.

Next scribe is... Craig.


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yeah i already was the scribe 3 times, soooooo... I guess Ethan's doing it... but will he???