Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogging on Blogging..

Hey! It's Tim-Math-Y and its time to b.o.b. again. Well this new unit was definitive.. different, as it included a new idea, Derivatives. At first this unit really had my mind twisting up on itself trying to visualize a derivative of a function, then holding that image, attempting to visualize the second derivative. I will admit two things. That wasn't a good idea to imagine similtaneously and second, that I'm still a little confused about the matter.

However, thinking back of the leaked characteristics of the power law, which I also admit that I don't know how it works.. yet, it helps me remember that each derivative is a degree down from its parent (cubic>quadratic>linear etc.), and thus aids me in picturing the graphs.

Now with the knowledge of derivatives, it brings fourth questions that we deal with in physics, such as comparing two variables: time and distance, time and velocity, time and acceleration etc. I find that I don't have many problems with these types of Qs because I understand the concepts to a more complete level.

So I can say that I'm semi-prepared for derivative functions and their like. Other than that, I still don't really understand the exact purpose and use of finding limits. Limits still greatly puzzles me as, logically, it just isn't registering for me. Besides that, Continuity, I understand and I'm glad I can say that atleast...

Wow, my bob is long? =\ Good luck on the test on friday guys!

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