Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday's Scribe

This will be Wednesday's post just coming a bit late, sorry. I'm new to this whole thing so if I miss anything let me know and I will edit anything I have to, just talk to me in class. Thanks.

As for Graeme's selected word for this day I lost it somewhere today and I will ask him for another if he has.

We started class as usual, can't remember anything special happening.
The teacher gave as an assignment of the smart board and we had to figure out the question with our new program.
[slideshare id=145852&doc=ap-calculus-slides-october-24-2007-1193346057870243-5&w=425]

* note--If the equation is f(x)= to a square root over (a number minus x squared)
then the graph will be a half Circle over the X axis.

* note--The trapezoid sum is A ={(B+b)h}/2
If that's not clear, sorry, but its supposed to be area of trapezoid = Big base+ small base multiplied by the interval then multiply all that by 1/2 .

After we learn about the Definite Integral and how to calculate that in many different ways on calculator,and how to calculate the number of intervals so that the estimate of the integral will be off by a set percentage of the actual integral.

*note--If you guys want let me know and I will make a more detailed information on definite integral,I dont know how detailed you guys like these posts to be.

that's all we did in class, seemed shorter then most for me. the next scribe will be me as I already missed so many scribe days so I want to make it for you guys :P so i hope this is okay if not let me know , peace

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