Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pre-Test Scribe

Hello everyone. I’m Robert and I am the scribe for today.

Today’s class started off with a discussion about blogging in other classes other than a math class. We talked about how important blogging was in our calculus class and compared to other classes. Feel free to give your opinions about blogging in your school or classroom in the comments to this post!

After that very interesting discussion on blogging, Mr. Kuropatwa told us about two other very cool tools to put in our tool box. Here they are:




Feel free to explore!

Then we moved onto the pre-test. To see what the pre-test looks like, just look to the slides for October 30, 2007.

To end off the class we had a fire drill.
Well that's it guys, and the next scribe is MrSiwWy.

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