Sunday, April 27, 2008

Student Voices Episode 2: Tim_MATH_y

In this episode Timothy came back to school on Friday afternoon to talk about his week attending the miniUniversity program at the University of Winnipeg. He talks about the differences he finds between teaching and learning at high school and university and describes learning in the university classroom using a thought provoking metaphor, listen for it. Also, we have a cameo appearance by two very special people at the very end.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today's Slides: April 23

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The scribe... kinda

Hello there. Van scribing for Monday's class. Not much happened. Substitute teacher gave us a worksheet to hand in for Wednesday's class, and it's worth 100 marks each, 5 questions total.

That's about it.

Next scribe... Dino...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Student Voices Podcast Episode 1: Jessie

I was talking to Jessie, one of my Applied Math students, earlier this week while helping her review over the lunch hour. I found her comments so compelling I asked her (and later her parents) if I could record and publish her comments so other students could hear what she had to say. I've long thought students need to hear from other students how they best learn to help them all learn.

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of podcasts called Student Voices. I'm hoping to have one of these short conversations with a student published each week. If you'd like to volunteer to be featured in one of these just let me know.

In this episode Jessie shares how she uses her class blog to learn and describes her personal "tipping point" from being confused to understanding Statistics very well. She also discusses the value of learning conversations and how sometimes being a "teacher" and sometimes a student helps her learn.

Please feel free to leave Jessie your comments here or on this post on her class blog.

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The Return of the Lost Scribe... whoops

So now we are well into exam review and for good reason. (There are only 6 classes left until the exam).

On Thursday our class consisted of five accumulation problems from the AP exams of five different years.

We completed them in groups and then Mr. K. went over them in class. The questions were not extremely hard, but there were a few tricky parts. I believe after Mr. K. discussed them in full, we understood where we had made our mistakes.

The more important part of the exercise was to notice how the same type of problem changed over the different years. Looking at them, you can see that the graphs are the most noticeable things that change. They become less familiar in behaviour and less points are actually drawn and labeled. The graphs also begin to have a lot of corners which are discrepancies in the second derivative as the are undefined. It then asks if these points are points of inflection, which are usually calculated via the second derivative. That is probably the trickiest part of these questions, but with a little understanding of how the derivatives and their graphs relate to each other, it is easy to get around.
The questions also change fairly drastically, as they go from just understanding how to use the graph and the given functions, to looking past the given graph and fuctions and using it to find characteristics of the parent/derivative functions and their graphs. In the later examples, they begin to ask questions about behaviour of the functions over certain intervals and even ask to draw the graph of the parent function on the axes.
The final example (from 2007) is quite different from the others as there is no graph given, but a table of values is. The table includes two functions (ƒ and g) and their derivatives. It then asks questions about the function h(x) = ƒ(g(x)) - 6 and how it behaves over certain intervals. It also asks a new question that we have not seen yet.
It asks us to find the derivative of the inverse of a function ( g^-1 ). It is a rule that Mr. K. has not yet taught us, but it was explained to me as "the derivative of an inverse of a function is equal to the inverse of its derivative" basically, ∂/∂x(g^-1) = 1/g'. From there just apply it as you would any derivative and solve the question.

Finally, Mr. K. said that this last example is probably the closest example of how it will be presented on our exam, so it would be a good idea to go over this some time in the next two weeks to make sure you have this under your belt, it should be easy marks now.

That is all for my scribe post, remember to start studying "fiendishly" (if you haven't already) there are only 18 days left. O_O

The next scribe is Van I guess...

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's Slides: April 17

20 Days Until The Exam And Counting ...

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Carpe Diem!

Craig mentioned in his BOB:
Anyway, this is the last unit and from now on it's all exam review.
It may seem like it's far away (a little less than a month), but there are ONLY 8 MORE CLASSES!!! So the intense studying should probably begin.... NOW!

How's your hold on calculus?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Woah! We had the test moved back two days and I still almost forgot.
But yes, this last unit has been okay mainly because it is just an elaboration on material we've already covered.
However, I believe the hardest part for me is that we started it quite a while ago. It's almost been a month since we began the unit.
But, it's nothing a little studying won't fix.
I'm trying to think of the parts that are most challenging, but none seem to stick out. I think the place where I'll make my mistakes is on the tricky little curves Mr. K. enjoys throwing into the tests =P
Anyway, this is the last unit and from now on it's all exam review.
It may seem like it's far away (a little less than a month), but there are ONLY 8 MORE CLASSES!!! So the intense studying should probably begin.... NOW!

Good Luck to all on the test tomorrow, and good luck to all on the upcoming exam.

Keep On Pushing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BOB ^ 9

Oh wow, I completely forgot about bobbing. Thankfully, I had to take a picture of the blog for a presentation, and at first glance the "Blogging on Blogging" title immediately jogged my memory. I also can't believe that there aren't that many BOB's up yet, especially considering the fact that I'm posting this at 1 A.M. Well anyways, on with my final BOB of the year (=.

It's been a crazy year crammed full of information, and this final unit was certainly no exception to working hard. This unit, differential equations, didn't prove too complicated since it basically solidified the connection between differentiation and integration / antidifferentiation by drawing upon all of the units we've covered so far in the year.

The most challenging idea in this unit is probably Euler's method, though I don't think that it will be that big of a deal on the test tomorrow. The other ideas included in this unit were slope fields, solving differential equations, separating the variables (which greatly aids the solving process) and Newton's Law of Cooling. I don't think that comprehending each idea on it's own was too difficult, though in the whole scheme of differential equations some questions (especially Mr. K questions xD) might prove troublesome. For me, this is particularly due to my lack of effort in committing myself to complete homework and consistently study the ideas in this unit.

I hope that I won't find too much difficulty with this test, and that I have enough time to study tonight and catch up on all that missed work over the past week or two. I hope that all of you will do the same, and I wish everyone good luck on the test tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogging on Blogging

Oh my, it's test time tomorrow! Well, here for another bob (throws bob post onto large stack of bobs). This time it's for the test on Differential Equations! How exciting? Well anyway, this unit, like most of the other units had its ups and downs. With regards to my muddiest point, I would have to say that I don't have a specific problem. All that I'm worried about, like most of the times is the battle against time, by trying to make everything click on the test. Thats the thing though, tests aren't as difficult. Well what I'm trying to say is, the solutions aren't as bad as we usually think, but the difficult thing is, figuring the key solution that would unlock insight to finding the final answer. Asides from the likes of that, theres also remembering to attempt to solve a question using as little time as possible (such as taking advantage of your calculator). Well, thats all i really have to say about this unit! Good luck everyone! I hope people remember to bob, cause I almost forgot =(

The last BOB

Well, this unit was one of the small units that we had done although I still say the smaller the units the harder they are. Especially for this unit, I am still a little nervous going into this test as I still cannot wrap my head around Euler's method, it is very confusing to understand although I am still studying it. Another spot I am having a little bit of trouble is with the anti differentiating first-order and second-order equations although that also is a working progress which I should have figured out by tomorrow. Well good luck everybody for tomorrow's test and good luck.

Monday, April 7, 2008



***Craig-4th (belated)***
***Chris-13th (advanced)***

Much love ! =)
Good luck with your DEV =)

---Aichelle ROCKS!

Today's Slides: April 7

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