Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scribe version 3: Continuing our discussion of continuity

Well, we started off today's class by forming different groups and working on two problem solving questions about derivatives and continuity.

For the first part of the first question G`(t) represents the exact definition of a derivative so in this case we can see that G(x+h)=log((9+Δx)+1). Therefore G(x)=log (x+1). It can be seen on the second slide.

For the second part of the question since x=9 ,therefore a=9 just by looking at how g`(t) represent the exact definition of a derivative.

Now, for the second question it will be a nonremovable discontinuity. WHY? It is a nonremovable discontinuity because a limit has to exist in order for this to be removable. It can be seen on the third slide.

For the second part of the question the answer would have to be NO, because if you buy more than 3 bags of grain from this company the price jumps up. As it can be seen on the graph of the piece wise function that after exceeding three bags of grain the behavior of the function changes for being linear into being quadratic.

Then after doing those two questions we spent the rest of our time, taking a quiz at visual calculus.

Thats it for today. Our homework for tonight is to start doing the supplementary questions for chapter 2. The next scribe will be......(drum rolls)...CRAIG. (sorry but i have to pick someone)

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