Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Derivative Assignment

Sorry for the late scribe post, but I had a lot of homework last night. Well yesterdays class began as usual with Grey-M posting the word of the day on the board and everyone awaiting the explanation. Except today was different, we had a fire drill, so we had to leave class and return a few minutes later. Then class had begun, with Mr. K reviewing a little bit on derivatives, and had showed us that in order to find out the equation of a derivative, you sometimes have to do some algebraic massage. An example on how it may be used are in the 3 slides Mr. K published yesterday, which explains the multiple steps needed.

Mr. K then gave out an assignment on the many different derivative questions which was done in groups for the rest of the class. The assignment explains how derivatives can be explained by a graph, a table, or an equation. This derivative assignment is due Wednesday. Also Mr. K assigned section 2.3 ( question #: All odd and #12) due for Wednesday as well. Tomorrow's scribe will be Sandy, and do not give the scribe duty to Grey-M as he has no Internet right now.