Monday, October 8, 2007

2.6 Inflection Points and the Socond Derivative

Hey everyone! Well here is the scribe for Friday’s class. The class started off with a quiz. This took about half the class. Then we went into the lesson on inflection points and the second derivative. We only got an introduction to this because of the quiz. This is what we went through:

· F is a function and f’ is the derivative of that function. Since f’ is also a function, it too can have its own derivative. It would be f’’.

· Recall that the derivative of a function tells you weather a function is increasing or decreasing.

· When tangent slops are increasing the graph of f is concave up.

· When tangent slops are decreasing the graph of f is concave down.

· A point on the graph of a function where the curve changes concavity is called an inflection point.

Since our class only got an intro to the lesson, that's about all I can tell you guys. The rest of the lesson should be resumed on Tuesday.

See all of you in class tomorrow. BYE!

Oh yeah the next scribe is…VAN!

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