Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hello everyone and welcome to my scribe! Enjoy (the angled words and other formatting came out a bit funky, but it's still easily legible except for maybe that second slide)

The next lucky recipient of the scribe will be Robert since he'll be back tomorrow, I think, if he isn't it's Craig, if Craig somehow doesn't get to class, it's Van, if not Van then it will be Sandy. Think I've covered the bases there.



«Craig» said...

Yay Graeme!!!

Well, the part where you said you THOUGHT you were right, you were... good job.

And BTW I'm fine with scribing for Friday's class, but it may not be available until quite late on Sunday night...
Work and football are keeping me busy, so if someone else COULD Scribe, that'd be awesome, however I am willing do it, it just might be a bit rushed around 10 or 11 pm on Sunday.

aichelle s. said...

I really liked your scribe--very awesome! super easy to follow and quite entertaining! =) and you used GREEN AND PURPLE!

Tim_MATH_y said...

/agreee with everyone elses comments.. however i thought it was 'grunt' work, not 'grant'? hahah off topic but yes! GJ scribing man.. excellent

Kara said...

I thought that you did an awesome job at describing the chain rule. By breaking it up and doing one section at a time, it makes the topic a lot easier to understand. It is true that you would not see the answer 7(x^3 + 5x)^6(3x^2 + 5) on the test in the multiple choice section and it is good to remind people that they should multiply the seven into the brackets. Just as a hint to the class, take the time and really understand the chain rule, I wrote the AP Calculus Exam last year and found that there are quite a few questions with it because it requires you to use all of your differentiation techniques.

Kara S. (mentor)
University of Regina

Anonymous said...

Thx for the tip Kara