Thursday, November 1, 2007

The scribe for Wednesday.

Well, today was a rather small class. 4 of the 11 were missing. Due to other classes needing students for events, or parents keeping the kids home, afraid of the hoax shooting. Anyways, Happy Halloween.

I also appoligize for posting this one day late. I was fairly busy yesterday. And I wasn't even supposed to scribe. Oh wells.

Let's start with:

Graeme's Selected Word of the Day

Platitude :
a trite or common remark delivered solemnly.

Alright. Today, we like food, because, we got an awesome food line-up. It starts with the Potatoes.

But first, let's talk about how great Yogurt is. And the spell check for blogger is saying that Yogurt is the correct spelling, and we have it spelled Yogourt. Whatever. Mr. K loves his yogourt.

And now on to the Potatoes. They taste okay on their own.

Mr. K begins the class with, how we find derivatives at certain points on the graph of f. We do a few practice questions, and he says "There's gotta be a better way. A faster better way. We don't want only the derivative of just one point. We want the derivative function!"

Slides are here:

That's what Slide 2 says. We did practice questions, and now we're going to learn rules. As Mr. K says, "Mathematics is the science of patterns."

Slide 3

When we are given a linear function, to find the derivative of that, whatever the slope of the linear function is, is the derivative, given as a constant.

m = slope
so m = derivative

Slide 4

When the given function is a constant, with no variables, the slope on the constant function is 0. Therefore, the derivative is 0

Slide 5

When the given function is being multiplied, you can factor constant out, then apply the rules that you already know.

Ah, and since the potatoes are now served, we shouldn't eat them yet. We gotta have the, MEAT

Slide 6

When given 2 separate functions, and then asked to find the sum of their derivatives, you can find the derivative of each function individually and then add them together after you do the algebra.

Slide 7

Same thing as 6, except it's a differences, and you should subtract.

Okay, that's some pretty good smellin' meat. Let's add on the gravy to the potatoes, and we can enjoy the meal.

Slide 8

Whatever n is equal to, you multiply it by the coefficient then subtract one off of the power.

Slide 9 & 10

Continuation of the proofs and an example.

Alright, and that's the end of it.

Homework for tonight is exercise 4.1 all odd, 18 and 26.

Next scribe for Friday will be Chris!

No scribe for Thursday, because of the test. (this is treated as Wednesday)

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