Monday, November 26, 2007

Mondays post :)

First off before I begin, I don't know what this unit is, is it still the same? If you know put it in the chat so I can label this correctly. Now lets begin :)
Word of the day:

Gular- of or relating to the throat.

We watched a video in the beginning of class. I don't know the link or how to get it but it shows us about the graph of f(x) and a little about how f'(x) applies to it. Here's a pic of the graph in the video.

In class we only did three questions. Its all about finding the zeros of the derivative to find out is min/max critical points, and if they are local or global.

Here is the first question, its pretty straight forward. To find critical points find the root(s) of the derivative, which is 2. Put it on the number line to find out min or max, since its a restriction you have to find those too. Plug those into the the parent function to find their value and to determine global max since we already have the global min. (min = minimum) (max = maximum)

Next question. Same thing, all the detail is on the Pic :)

And last but not least the last question. Same thing and once again all details should be on it.

The next scribe is I got no idea, GreyM your stuck tomorrow at lunch with me :) and that's it

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