Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Tuesday Scribe

Today, we had a substitute teacher, named Mr. Roseman. Boy, is he ever into football.

Off the Record with Mr. Roseman.

Anyways, we had to do supplementary problems in the textbook. Page 245, 1-41 all odds.

And, we kinda made a few jokes why Mr. K wasn't here today. Since the Mac that had all of Mr. K's lessons, crashed... and we got a new Mac. The smartboard wasn't as good as it used to be. We had the new software, and he said it was Old School, without all the mechanical things we used. So, we thought Mr. K lost his will to teach because the smartboard was his pride and joy. Haha, good class today.

Let's do newton's method to the a4! You do it Craig?

Anyways, pretest tomorrow and test on Thursday.

Next scribe is Aichelle!

Cya later...

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