Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scribe 4 - Differentiation Rules Quiz 1

Hey everyone! Once again I am scribe and this is what happened on Friday’s class.

We started off the class today by watching a post on our blog that was posted by Lani. The question is: Are there lessons to be learned from geese? (Sticking together as a “Flock” benefits us all) If you take a look at it you can learn all sorts of things about geese.

After talking about that for a little bit, we moved on to a quiz. The quiz was written in pre-test formation.

Quiz 1 on Differentiation Rules

1. a) To find the mortgage interest rate on January 1, 1985, you basically just plug 5 in for t using the first function given to you. You are given a specific time range so that is how you know to use the rate as a function of t formula.

1. b) Similarly, you are finding how many issued per year so you plug in the rate.

1. c) This question deals with composite functions. It is a bit tricky but all you do is find N'(r(t))*r'(t) after plugging the correct numbers into that formula.

2. The answer is (D) 4.3 because all you are finding is the area under the function between the interval 0-3.

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