Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scribe five.

Today's class started off with Mr. K. showing us a new tool on the internet which we can possibly use for our DEVs. I cannot quite recall what that tool was called or what the site was but basically it is a tool where you can record your voice while explaining a video in the background where you can draw to highlight points and even fast forward or slow down the video. I will post a link on here later once I figure it out. Soon after that we got into our pretest.
We did our pretest and I think most of us found it difficult. Our pretest consisted of five [or fifteen lol] multiple choice questions and one long answer/free response question. So to get right on to it I think most of us got number one but basically you could put it into your calculator.
Once you realize that you can just simply plug that into your calculator.
The second question involved the quotient rule. Remember: the quotient rule-high d low minus low d high all over low low!

Basically, you must remember how to use the quotient to solve the question, so remember it! Number three was more difficult for a few of us. I didn't get it at first but I asked Mr. K. about it and hopefully I can do an all right job explaining it. The next question involved the Pythagorean theorem.uestion number five was also another difficult question we encountered. The last and final question was the long answer. Depending on what your slope was or how you drew your tangent line the answers varied among the class. Mr. K. said he wasn't looking for the correct answer in a question like this he was more interest in the process of how to go about the question. That was the last question. Do not forget to study or do a bob and that we don't have school on Friday! Everyone enjoy your extra long weekend! Good luck everyone!
The Next Scribe is...pending for now.

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