Wednesday, November 21, 2007

13-0-13 V. 3

Hello this is my third BOB. I really found this unit difficult because of everything that goes into it. First we learned all of the rules and then we learned how to use those rules in more difficult questions like the related rates problems. When we first got introduced to related rates I was just absolutely lost but I kind of understand them and hopefully I won't do too bad on the test. We all have to do some studying (except for Chris maybe) because after that super hard pretest we were like =S ! There were questions that I didn't understand on the pretest but I asked Mr. K. about it and I think I get them now...even though he said one of those questions would not be on the's still good to understand how to do them. I think I will try to get more help from Mr. K. because I find calculus extremely difficult and I'll understand it better. I think we should all do that if we are confused about calculus. Also, I am going to make a math dictionary for myself soon. I told myself I would before calculus started and I never got to it but I know Craig has made one for himself which is excellent and I think we should all invest in a math dictionary! Good luck to everyone ! I still have to do the scribe =S and study for math + English homework + Chem homework + study for world issues + bake cookies for bake sale...WOW ! okay good luck once again! =)

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