Saturday, November 24, 2007


Oh wow, for the first time in a couple of weeks... the blog actually loaded! Usually it takes a couple hours for the blog to fully load, but apparently not this time. But I don't have any time on the computer, I have to wake up early tomorrow and I pretty much have about 10 minutes left in me before I pass out on my bed due to exhaustion (I had to plan, move around objects to get ready for packing, and go around the city in search of supplies for the new house all day). )=. Thankfully, I remembered to BOB before the test (since the engineering outreach day overrided my obligation to take the test on thursday postponing it for Craig, Mark and I until monday) before it was really too late. I hope that everyone performed well on their test, and handled it with grace and ease (though it is a Mr. K test). Well in any case, it'd be best to get on with the post now.

I originally designated this unit to be one of my favorite units as we entered it approximately two weeks ago, and I still retain my previous position. I think that the overall rules involved with differentiation aren't terribly difficult, but applying them to certain functions such as related rates problems and with problems involving Newton's method or linear approximations might require more thought than many might have initially assumed. As with the application of any form of mathematics, problem repetition is definitely a profound factor in test preparation, but might be more required for this unit. As anyone in the class has probably noticed, practicing questions pertaining to this unit really help to adapt to the type of thoughts that are required to solve some of the aforementioned more challenging problems. I think that if I complete enough homework for these questions, I shouldn't find too much difficulty with the test. Throughout the progession of the unit, nothing really presented much difficulty or concerns to me except for the tedious process of reiterating calculations for Newton's method (though it can now be automated by our calculator using a custom program). I think that, especially considering the questions given on the pre-test, I'll have to recognize the exact context of the question to a fuller extent and really make sure that I have identified the entire scenario of the problem.

Now, I'm off to read some young students blogs and determine how I can comment on them in the most constructive manner possible, though it might not be so wise to do so with such a great lack in consciousness that I might fall asleep flat on my computer desk instantly =/. Nevertheless, I'll read some comments and maybe initiate some differentiation practice tonight and continue the arduous process of constant repetition tomorrow. I'll see everyone on monday, and once again, I hope everyone is confident with their performance on the test on Thursday. Though it might be too late for most, I'll still conclude the BOB post with the now cliche GOOD LUCK.

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