Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scribe number four.

Hello, hello again.
I am filling in for Robert today because he does not have enough time to do one but don't worry, he can scribe at a later date! As you all may know or not know we have started a new cycle, which means anyone can be picked for scribe! *applause and cheering* So today's class started off with everyone writing their signatures on the smart board. However, to everyone's surprise it got eraseD!
Mr. K. started off by telling us that we'd be learning about derivatives of trigonometric
functions and we also took a look at the first slide which can be found in the previous post. The picture on the slide was taken by a former student of Mr. K's for a flickR assignment.
Shortly after that we had all received our marks. We received two marks; raw and
transformed. The raw mark is how we did in the term and the transformed mark is based on a curve. Basically, Mr. K. took the average of our precal40S marks, which was 77.5 and based it on that. The reason why we have the transformation is because Mr. K. said it is to ensure you do not get penalized for taking a university course in high school. For a more thorough explanation of all this please see Mr. Siwwy's scribe below or by simply viewing the labels under his name or scribe posts. We also had all of our quizzes, pretests and tests back. We had a short discussion on a few of the answers because we were unsure of them. Also, see slide two to view how the curve looks like; blue = pc40s curve.
After that we finally got to our lesson. First we had a mini review and solved a problems on the board which can be found on slide three.
Then we put the equation sin(x) into our calculators and we found the derivative of that, which can be found on slide four. We found it to be cos(x). We also dealt with cos(x) and found the derivative of that to be -sin(x) . However, Mr. K. said that this does not tell us anything because it is not a proof. We took a look at the derivative rules and the Squeeze theorem-if two different functions are approaching the same point and there is a function sandwiched in between the two functions then it must also be approaching that point. [If I have that wrong, please inform me.] Next, we visited Visual Calculus, the website to view the proof for the derivative rules of a trigonometric function. To see the step by step proof on the site you may click this link or view the slides and click the little circle for the link on slide five.
After that we found the derivatives of secant(x) and cosecant(x). We found those by the proofs that have just been proved and the quotient rule [see Monday's scribe or slides for a review]. Please view slide six.
Slide seven explains how a reciprocal function's derivative can be found by using the quotient rule. Slide eight contains the rest of the trig. function's derivative. However, they are not complete. They are for homework as well as the rest of the trig. questions we left out on the previous exercise [4.3].
That was basically our class. Hopefully you found this scribe post somewhat interesting and useful. If I have failed to mention something or if I misinterpreted anything, please let me know. Thanks! =)
Since Robert will be away tomorrow and he will not be able to scribe I am going to pick Graeme and I guess since Robert was supposed to scribe today he can scribe for Friday?.

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