Friday, December 14, 2007

The Thursday Scribe

So, here's my scribe, in slide form! woo!

Thanks to Mr. K for the help during his empty 3rd period.

(coming soon! Calculator functions operation for slide #10)

And, we will be expected a test for this unit, somewhere next week on Wednesday. So, be prepared for that. Next scribe already knows who they are. But, just for the record, and so that everyone knows, it's Etimz.

1 comment:

Lani said...

Hi Van,

Your happy birthday song on voicethread was grand; are you all planning careers in music?

Your slideshare post is most effective! I felt like you were right there talking to me; the "Wait, what's going on here" is a perfect way to make sure your readers are really thinking right along with you! Kudos!

Looking forward to the updated slide 10--