Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BOB ^ 6

MrSiwWy here for my sixth and final bob before the winter break, though I almost forgot to bob for this test tonight, here it is. Now, given the difficulty of the yesterday's workshop as well as today's pre-test, I don't think that this test is going to be incredibly difficult. As long as you've stayed current with your homework, as I have really tried recently, the test shouldn't bring anything that we're entirely unfamiliar with or anything overly challenging. There weren't too many problems that I found a lot of trouble with while I was completing the exercises, so I'm not too worried about this calculus test, though I am worried about my self Physics C test later tonight (ahh scary). I can't wait until the winter break, though I'm sure I'll be busy all break with homework and definitely busy with Mechanics and Computer Science throughout, so thankfully I won't need to worry about calculus any time soon (at least I hope not). Don't forget to study everyone, and I wish good luck to everyone and wish everyone to perform to the best of their ability on tomorrow's test. Have a great night all!

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