Monday, December 10, 2007

Blogging On Blogging = BOB = 2152 - 2146 = 6!

WOW! BOB! I almost forgot again! =) =) good thing i didn't! I'm surprised that I forget to check the blog only during days previous of the test. Probably because i'm usually stuck worried and am studying sooooooo hard =)???? Anyways Applications of Derivatives! WHOO, was it ever difficult! Well.. atleast most of the stuff. I find that I understand the lot of it, but when it comes to solving it myself, i'm stuck! Gosh.. that mostly happens with optimization problems though. I'm truthfully going to admit that.. this test.. seems.. overwhelming.. and that im not going to ace this test. BUT! im not going to give in and still, try my best.. as always!

Strengths: Asymptotes, First + Second Derivative Tests
In Betweens: Anti-derivatives, Mean Value Theorem
Weakness: Optimization Problems

Well.. goodluck everyone.. let's hope we get out of this alive and in one piece! Bye

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Kara said...

Optimization is a weakness of mine as well but I find that if you make sure that you draw a picture to demonstrate what you are being asked to find and writing yourself little notes to remind you, it becomes a little bit easier. Good luck on the exam!

Kara S.
University of Regina (mentor)