Sunday, December 2, 2007

Optimization Problems Workshop

Hello everyone, Its m@rk here for Friday's scribe. Last Friday in class, Mr. K separated us into 3 groups just like what we always do during pretest or workshop classes. During the class we practiced solving more optimization problems so we can get used to it. Solving these kinds of questions involves using all our knowledge from previous math classes. The first question involves using diagrams and engraving information into it, in order to solve it easier. The second question requires the use of variables in the problems in order to build 3 sets of equation. The third question requires the use of similar triangles. Notice how our previous math classes are so important in calculus. The questions and the detailed solution can just be viewed in the slides. Thats it for my scribe. Our homework is Exercise 5.4. The next scribe will be Tim_MATH_y.

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