Monday, December 10, 2007

BOB ^ 5

Well, the test is finally here, and I think that this unit packs quite a punch. Now, the pre-test was a breeze to me so I don't think I should have an unbelievably hard time on the test tomorrow, but then again there weren't really and antidifferentiation and optimization questions on the pre-test today. I'm certainly quite alright with solving antidifferentiation problems seeing as I had to do quite a few of them for the very first unit in the physics C (mechanics) course; kinematics. Now as for optimization, I actually had quite a bit of trouble with these types of questions at first. I'm not saying entirely that they were hard for me to understand, it was just bringing about connections and equations that could be used for manipulation in the optimization problem itself which brought about trouble to me. After much practice, I think I have it pretty much down now, which once again epitomizes the significance of reptition and essential practice in mathematics. Basically, I'm off to practice more questions now from the textbook so that I can achieve a sufficient grade on tomorrow's test. But before I go, I've had something I've wanted to say since we received our tests way back around the time we received our report cards. I think that the tests that we receive are way too short; basically I think that the tests barely contain any total marks. The tests have such a minimal total of marks that each mark that we may lose may cost us upwards of 3%, such as 18/20 (a measly two marks off) costing 10% off the total. well anyways, this probably isn't going to have any effect on the way the tests are constructed so I'll probably just end this post now. Good luck to everyone on the test tomorrow!!! don't forget to study everyone.

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