Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scribe Post

that by blogging you Hello once again, this is Dino and I was today's scribe. well i have to say that today's class was not as extravagant as the other class that we have been having throughout the past weeks. Mr. K started of the class with a podcast recording that referenced Mr.k and all the class blogger's receive a world wide audience, which is so very true especially after hearing that podcast. Mr. K then began explaining to the class that he was able to get each member of the class smart board programs which he was going to give us through the means of the blog, which to me sounded pretty cool. Then it was time to get into the inverses workshop he had planned for us today. He began with this problem:

Problem: Given the function h(x) = (3x)/(x+5)

Explain how you know that h has an inverse? The function passes the horizontal line test.

Find a formula for h^-1(x). h(
h^-1(x)) = x To get the inverse put the inverse of h into the (x) value of the function h(x). So intern the function h, (inverse of h) = x.

h(h^-1(x)) = 3(h^-1(x)) / (h^-1(x))+5

x =
3(h^-1(x)) / (h^-1(x))+5

x (
(h^-1(x))+5) = 3(h^-1(x))

(h^-1(x))x + 5x = 3(h^-1(x))

(h^-1(x))x - 3(h^-1(x)) = -5x

(h^-1(x))[ x - 3] = -5x

(h^-1(x)) = -5x / (x - 3) This is the inverse of the function h.

Suppose f & g are inverses of each other, what is true about their composition?

f(g(x)) = x
g(f(x)) = x Both functions are equal to x.

That was it for class today, although remember to do questions 1,3,5,7,11,13 in section 1.9 for homework. Tomorrow's scribe is going to be......Craig.

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«Craig» said...

awww man... Scribe again??? I guess I'm first on the new Cycle.

You know what would be funny, if I picked Dino next =D hehe

(just kidding Dino)