Thursday, September 27, 2007

Derivative of a function at a point

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that the next scribe will be DINO.


Miss Nicholson said...

Great! I think you got all the main points. You summarized the concepts well.

When you're "polishing" your slides (you'll have to show me how you do that!) one thing you might want to consider is keeping your notation the same in your difference quotient. Sometimes you use "delta x" and sometimes you use "h."

Also, the function in the second example is 3x^2 (you have just x^2).

Other than that, keep up the great work! Good luck with your test tomorrow!

m@rk said...

Thank you Miss Nicholson for the positive feedback. Don't worry i will tell you how i made my slides the next time you substitute for Mr. Kuropatwa. Next time i will keep my notation consistent to avoid any confusions. I will try to fix that if i have some time.

christian said...
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christian said...

Hi Mark!

This is an excellent scribe post! The "slide show medium" that you assumed made following the concepts easy. it was well summarized, and well laid out for the readers.

I'm just curious why you decided to do your SP in this way?

Good luck in your studies, and keep up the good work!



m@rk said...

Hi Christian,

Thanks you for the positive feedback, I appreciate it.

Well, for the scribe post, I choosed to do it this way because there were no slides during that day and I felt that the best way to learn the concepts was to visiualize it. Also, I wanted to try out the new smartboard software.

Good luck in your studies too!!


christian said...

That's great!

As scribe, we always strive to educate and impart concepts to an audience.

Your class demonstrates that education is constantly evolving. You are at the forefront of this evolution, and so I commend you for trying new things and thinking about your readers as you do your post.

Keep up the good work!


Lani said...

Hi Mark,

Christian is right! The material is nicely chunked and summarized. And you are absolutely right that visuals really do help with mastering concepts!

And Christian, you are a master at commenting!

Nicely done to you both!!

Best wishes,

m@rk said...

Thank you Lani for the positive comment. I really didnt expect to get this much comments on just my first try on using the smartboard software. Next time im going to do a much a better job on scribing.


Lani said...

Hi Mark,

I'm sure that next time you will be far more accomplished at using the smart board!

But this post deserved all the positive comments as you took a risk, pushed yourself to learn something new, and because of that learned alot along the way. I just happen to think that is pretty noteworthy too!

I'm looking forward to your next scribe!