Monday, September 24, 2007

Scribe (O.o) Pre-test

Hello my name is Tim-Math-Y and I will be today's scribe, for my second time. Today was quite the surprise. We started and ended our class with a PRETEST of Functions.

Most of the questions were not a large surprise nor were they difficult except a few.

One of them was Question 2 on Slide 2/7. The graph of this function displays a beautiful parabola with two roots. However, if you zoom out on your calculator multiple times or analyze the equation: f(X) = X^2 - e^(0.1X) you will notice that e^(0.1X) will eventually become so large that it will guide the graph down to form the third root.

A second and last question that involved issues was Question 1 on the second page (Slide 7/7). For Question 3a, it involved simple work of finding the area of three triangles without the shaded area, within the rectangle. After finding those three areas, we algebraically subtract the sum of the trio from the total area of the rectangle (LW = 8x6 = 48).

For Question 3b, we find that the domain is [o,6]. Sadly however, I cannot remember how.

For Question 3c, the least and greatest values of the triangle is found via the graphing calculator for quickest solutions. Within the domain of [0,6], we find these two solutions by solving for the minimum and the maximum value.


Test on Thursday! Be Prepared!

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zeph said...

We can't have a domain that's less than 0 because it isn't possible for the flag to have a negative area. The largest possible value for the independent variable (the x-value) is 6 because the flag has a width of 6, that is, we can't have a width that's bigger than the flag.