Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Exponential Functions Lab Solutions

Question 1

  • Range is infinite with the exception of horizontal lines
  • Domain is infinite
  • both have y-intercepts
  • can both be transformed
  • both can be used to model real life situations
  • linear function has common difference ,exponential has common ratio
  • linear function has constant slope
  • we need the use of a tangent line when finding the slope of a exponential graph
Question 2

The y-intercept is at 3 because of you let x=0 you will get a answer of 3. The growth factor is 4.

Question 3

The value of a is 6,because anything with the base of 1 is just itself.

Question 4

It means that a is less than 1 because the graph is decreasing.

Question 5


The 2 signifies the y-intercept and the 5 is the growth factor.

Question 6

It is equivalent to 16 fold because in one growth period it doubles, so growth periods it would double 4 times or in other words 2^4 which is equal to 16.

Group: Graeme, Mark, Ethan (I'm apologizing if i misspelled someone's name)


aichelle s. said...

I agree with your group's answers. You made excellent points in question number 1. Mark is right we did arrive to the answer for 16 differently but I understand the way they did it as well. Good job dudes!

Tim_MATH_y said...

Awesome job! It looks like our group had the same answers as yours, except a few that we've missed in the comparison section.

Yeah, you guys found some obvious ones but are truly great ones that we've missed! One being "both can be used to model real life situations".. good job.

MrSiwWy said...

Good job guys! Your group's answers pretty much directly correspond and compliment each of ours, though you had more points for the comparison portion in number 1. I like how your comparisons are very obvious, yet completely true.

Robert P said...

Yup I agree! Mark's group has the solutions correct and similar to ours. I do have to say that your group did come up with other answers to question 1 that were different than ours. I have now added them to my list.

Phuong said...

Great job! I read it over and it sounds almost identical to ours. However, you had more points for question 1, kudos to you!