Thursday, September 13, 2007

First quiz of the Year

Well, we started off today's class with a little quiz about functions. Then after that we spent some time on answering some of the questions from lesson 1.6 , which is all about inverse functions. We were supposed to do the odd numbered question from lesson 1.5 but we already finished that yesterday. The main concept in lesson 1.6 is that in order to get the inverse of a function you only need to switch the inputs and outputs. Only one-to-one functions have inverses. One to one function means there are different outputs for every different inputs. Thats all we need to remember in lesson 1.6. Do not forget that we will be having another quiz tomorrow about functions.

The next scribe will be .......... Van or is it Phan? I can't spell so whatever you asked for it. Good night everyone and study .

EDITED: On exercise 1.6 we have to do questions number 1,5,9,10,18,28,30 and 31. That is for the people who missed today's class.


Grey-M said...

Ahhh! I missed a quiz! Mr.K can I take it on Monday because I don't think I'm going to be better tomorrow and that other quiz that we are going to have tomorrow as well... wow I must say this is some wicked bad timing to get sick...

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

I'm back on Monday too. You can make it up then, NP.


«Craig» said...

haha, Graeme, you didn't miss much... this quiz was a piece of cake =)

Oh BTW you missed a test in Physics too =|