Sunday, April 27, 2008

Student Voices Episode 2: Tim_MATH_y

In this episode Timothy came back to school on Friday afternoon to talk about his week attending the miniUniversity program at the University of Winnipeg. He talks about the differences he finds between teaching and learning at high school and university and describes learning in the university classroom using a thought provoking metaphor, listen for it. Also, we have a cameo appearance by two very special people at the very end.

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Annelise said...

Very interesting comment the student said about the difference feeling like it 'mattered more' in college. He tried retracting the statement and probably didn't mean to say it quite so frank, but I think there is sad truth to that statement.

Tim_MATH_y said...

Haha, you caught it! Yes there is indeed a sad truth to such a frank statement in one way or another.

Come to think of it, high school is more of a preparation for what university has in store for you. It's not smart to falter in high school, but it really does happen, especially when some students have a different mindset.

In University, you're paying for your education and its definitely not intelligent to falter there. Here, everyone payed for their education, and here it really factors into what you are become and where you are going to get in life, (as far as careers go, and more?).

Well, just my insight, thanks for the comment =)

Lani said...

Hi Ti MATH y,

Thanks so much for letting your voice be heard; you've captured and shared an important perspective and your file cabinet analogy is most appropriate!

Here's hoping both fellow students and university professors (especially university professors) attend to your worthwhile comments---

You mentioned that "unversity learning" requires more focus which sometimes can be a struggle but that it is what you expected. I'm wondering if your week with blackholes spurred to you to adopt specific focusing strategies that you think will assist you in the long university terms that you will face shortly?

Best wishes,