Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BOB ^ 9

Oh wow, I completely forgot about bobbing. Thankfully, I had to take a picture of the blog for a presentation, and at first glance the "Blogging on Blogging" title immediately jogged my memory. I also can't believe that there aren't that many BOB's up yet, especially considering the fact that I'm posting this at 1 A.M. Well anyways, on with my final BOB of the year (=.

It's been a crazy year crammed full of information, and this final unit was certainly no exception to working hard. This unit, differential equations, didn't prove too complicated since it basically solidified the connection between differentiation and integration / antidifferentiation by drawing upon all of the units we've covered so far in the year.

The most challenging idea in this unit is probably Euler's method, though I don't think that it will be that big of a deal on the test tomorrow. The other ideas included in this unit were slope fields, solving differential equations, separating the variables (which greatly aids the solving process) and Newton's Law of Cooling. I don't think that comprehending each idea on it's own was too difficult, though in the whole scheme of differential equations some questions (especially Mr. K questions xD) might prove troublesome. For me, this is particularly due to my lack of effort in committing myself to complete homework and consistently study the ideas in this unit.

I hope that I won't find too much difficulty with this test, and that I have enough time to study tonight and catch up on all that missed work over the past week or two. I hope that all of you will do the same, and I wish everyone good luck on the test tomorrow!

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