Thursday, April 10, 2008


Woah! We had the test moved back two days and I still almost forgot.
But yes, this last unit has been okay mainly because it is just an elaboration on material we've already covered.
However, I believe the hardest part for me is that we started it quite a while ago. It's almost been a month since we began the unit.
But, it's nothing a little studying won't fix.
I'm trying to think of the parts that are most challenging, but none seem to stick out. I think the place where I'll make my mistakes is on the tricky little curves Mr. K. enjoys throwing into the tests =P
Anyway, this is the last unit and from now on it's all exam review.
It may seem like it's far away (a little less than a month), but there are ONLY 8 MORE CLASSES!!! So the intense studying should probably begin.... NOW!

Good Luck to all on the test tomorrow, and good luck to all on the upcoming exam.

Keep On Pushing!

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