Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hello everyone, Im Tim-Math-Y your scribe for todays session. I do apologize for the late scribe.

Today, we applied the lessons that we've learned during the previous day. We found the derivatives of arcsinx, arccosx, and arctanx. With this new knowledge, we have discovered that underlying, are the rules for antidifferentiating these functions. Truly, we only need to remember the derivative of arcsinx, as the derivatives of arccosx and arctanx are only slightly changed forms of the former.

We started out by taking a look at multiple questions where we were instructed to solve them freely; use any method you would think is the least difficult. These include: substitution, antidifferentiating by parts and the new method that we have discovered.

As we made progress, we found that the questions became more complicated. These questions involved algebraic massage, where we have to work the questions to find the solution. By looking at the expressions, we found that most of the times, the questions were near perfect from a simple antidifferentiation. By algebraicly massaging, we can add the value of 0, multiply by 1 or divide by 1 in various ways to solve each question.

Truly it comes down to that.

To end off the class, we were given a handout that included 16 questions. It should be completed for tomorrow, as it would greatly aid in your practice experience.

Tomorrow's scribe is: MrSiwwy?? I don't know who else to pick =)

Again, I apologize for the late scribe and, the lack of detail incorporated in the explanations.

Have a great night everyone, see you guys tomorrow.

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