Wednesday, January 9, 2008

scribe number six.

Hello today's class was a very short class due to Mr. K's absence for most of the class. He had to attend a meeting. I am lucky that I do not have to do a very lengthy scribe.

Mr. K started off by asking us if this was true:
[see slide two for original slide.]
We then found out that it was not true. After that Mr. K asked us if we knew what derivative rule would give us a product in the for its derivative. We figured out that the chain rule would do just that. So instead of differentiating the function we would anti-differentiate it by running the chain rule backwards. Remember: the chain rule involves a composite of functions and do not forget to add the constant.

So to test this out Mr. K gave us a number of problems to work on. The first three problems were pretty straight forward. All that had to be done was to run the chain rule backwards. The last three problems were a little bit different. There must be a product in order to run the chain rule backwards. If there isn't a product you can just simply multiply by the number one but you need to be clever about it. Here is an example[see slide three for original slide]:
The last three problems were similar to the example shown above. Shortly after that, Mr. K departed to his meeting and Ms. Pangan came in to supervise us. We were assigned eleven question 1-21 odds only! If you did not finish those in class it is for homework. We also used the smartboard but it froze and somehow got disconnalcted [Chris' word] [disconnected]! but have no fear Craig saved the day and fixed it ! ZING! After that he successfully powered it off! I'm not quite too sure who has been scribe yet so I will ask in class and decide from there.

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