Monday, May 12, 2008

Student Voices Episode 3: Chris, Craig, and Graeme

In this episode of Student Voices three Advanced Placement Calculus students, Chris, Craig, and Graeme, talk about a wiki assignment they did to prepare for the exam. Then the conversation transitions to a discussion of the many things they learned while doing their Developing Expert Voices project. It ends with a challenge, the result of which will be featured in a future podcast.

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(Download File 31.8Mb, 26 min. 30 sec.)

The video mentioned near the end of the podcast is called Daft Hands. Here it is:

Photo Credit: Shadow singer by flickr user EugeniusD80

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Craig, and Graeme,

Risking "overkill" here (and Graeme can explain), you've clearly demonstrated an exceptional understanding and mastery of mathematics throughout your conversation. It's exciting to hear students talk of epiphanies in calculus and discuss mathematical concepts with their teacher in such depth! And particularly interesting to hear not only your use of visualization when working on parts of word problems (the success of this technique seems to transcend many boundaries and subjects) but also that some of your best ideas come to you upon waking (increasing circle problem)--

Isn't technology grand when it decides to be fickle and always when you are nearing the deadline too! You absolutely succeeded in engaging your learners with video and music. And I understand you're convinced that video is the format of choice; I'm wondering if you think a student for whom math is difficult might have a different perspective? If so, how important is that and should that be addressed?

Thanks for such a good listen!

Best wishes,

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